How to Apply

Prospective MSc/PhD students:

Applications go through the UBC stats department. Mention me as a potential advisor.

You can also apply to the UBC CS department if you would prefer to take CS courses/fulfil CS degree requirements. (I will also have the ability to be the primary advisor for CS students.) Again, mention me as a potential advisor.

Prospective postdocs:
Applications go through Vector's post-doctoral fellowship. Mention me as a potential advisor.

Should I Contact You?

You may email me directly to start a conversation and let me know that you are interested. However, I will only respond if I think you are a good candidate, so you'll need to give me enough information to work with.

Tell me about your prior research experience and your current research interests. Most importantly, please let me know why you want to specificity work with me. I prefer substance over flattery. If you say "I wish to join your esteemed lab to work on important problems in machine learning," then I will likely not respond. If you say "I am interested in uncertainty quantification for neural networks. I admire your recent studies of ensemble methods, and I have a few follow up research ideas..." then I'll be interested in following up with you!

You should include "[Potential Pleiss lab member]" in your email subject. (That will let me know that you've read the information on this page!)

Are There Internship, Undergraduate, or Visiting Student Opportunities?

I will likely hire undergraduates directly through UBC's internal programs. Look out for postings this winter. It doesn't hurt to contact me about other opportunities, but again I won't respond unless you pique my interest.